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My Story


I've been in the fitness industry for over twenty years, and I'm the personification of "if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life". I started exercising because of life and work stress from my previous career, which led me to be hired as a sales & marketing director at a health club. I realized that the trainers weren't delivering the product that I was selling, and decided to get certified in personal training. What I thought would be a "job" became a passion, and I was soon hired as the Personal Training Director at a start-up health club in Needham. After several years, it became clear that convenience is the number one reason people stick with an exercise program, so I decided to accommodate my busy clients in the privacy and convenience of their own homes, saving them travel time and money.

I hold certifications from the American Counsel of Exercise and the American College of Sports Medicine; via the ACSM, I also received the Certified Inclusion Fitness Trainer certification, allowing me to work with clients with physical, emotional, and intellectual disabilities. My CIFT clients include stroke survivors, Parkinsons' patients, spinal cord injuries, dementia, Aspergers/Autism, Down Syndrome, and depression. I am also a Certified Golf Conditioning Specialist and Nutrition Counselor.

When I'm not motivating clients, I'm trying to motivate myself - I love to compete in triathlons - whether it's a swim/bike/run or a massage/facial/manicure! And I enjoy cooking (no, it's not always healthy food!).

Why Train With Me?

"The difference between try and triumph is a little 'umph'"

Whether you're a busy executive, a former athlete, or you've never exercised in your life - personal training can be essential to getting (or staying) stronger! I'll create specific workout plans just for you based on the goals you want to achieve - whether it's as simple as losing a few pounds, as difficult as rehabbing post-surgery, or somewhere in between, I can help! This isn't a one-size-fits-all workout routine you'd find in a book or magazine. The plan is tailored to your goals, needs, and allowances for your current physical condition and medical background.

And I promise, you will not be bored! Even if you "hate" to exercise, I'll find something you like to do that involves movement, and we'll work from there. We'll also make adjustments as your fitness level improves to ensure continued progress; so you won't plateau or feel stuck in the same old routine.

Oh, and having someone show up at your house at 6 AM (or whatever time is convenient for you) is the ultimate in accountability. Enough said. ;-)

Your safety is my top priority. All eyes are on you and your form to ensure that you get stronger without strain or injury. When you can perform a movement the right way, it increases the likelihood that you'll do it on your own at home or at the gym after your training sessions.

Services & Rates

I see clients at their homes, and you DO NOT NEED A HOME GYM. As you'll see from my photo gallery, all I need is a small space and a willing participant. I bring everything we'll need. Sessions are booked in 30, 45, and 60-minute increments, at the rate of $70, $100, and $130, respectively. Together, we'll figure out the best use of that time - whether it's strength training, increasing flexibility or cardiovascular health, stretching, conditioning for a certain sport, or fine-tuning your nutrition. I see clients anywhere from twice a week to twice a year; we'll work within your schedule and budget.

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Her caring nature, professionalism, knowledge, expertise and love of her work is a joy for all of us who train with Audrey. I admire her sense of responsibility, ability to figure out how to work around inabilities (was going to use disabilities but don't like that term), and above all to count to 10 or 12 or 15 or 20 while taking notes. Thank goodness for your sense of humor which make the time more like play than work! ~ Helen L

I met Audrey when I decided that I needed to work with someone who could help me get into shape without injuring myself. Well, I got much more than I bargained for...I got not only a trainer but a nutrition counselor, a health services referral specialist and most importantly a new friend. Audrey has helped me to be a healthier me and taught me how to work my body so that I'm now stronger than I've ever been in my life...I still see muscle formations that I never knew I could have! I also feel that the physical strength has helped me emotionally, reminding me of just how strong a person I am and building my confidence in myself. Audrey has been witness to some major changes in my life...marriage, retiring from a job she had to listen to me bitch about on a regular basis...and has provided a source of stability for me. ~ Caryn S

I was rehabbing my shoulder for the 3rd time and had reached the point where I could actually start hitting tennis balls again but was hesitant to do so. She told me to wait a minute, then went out to her car and returned with 2 tennis racquets and a ball. We then went outside and played a little light hitting which prompted me to realize that I was indeed strong enough to return to the courts. I had healed, and Audrey had demonstrated it without chewing my ear on why didn't I just go out and play. She is positive energy and certainly made a difference in my life. ~ Brooks G

A few years back I found myself dealing with severe leg and back pain. I was completely incapacitated, and the worst part was, my doctor couldn't figure out what was wrong. I had MRIs. X-Rays. Multiple exams. I took painkillers. Went to rehab. Nothing made sense, nothing helped. A few weeks later, I mentioned to Audrey that I still had pain and numbness in my leg. She said, "It sounds like you have nerve damage. You need to see a neurologist." No one had mentioned this possibility to me before. So I went to the neurologist. Guess what: I had nerve damage! Good thing l went to the neurologist and finally got some help. Good thing I had a trainer creative enough to put the pieces together! ~ Pam K

10 years ago I could barely curl 6lb weights. This morning I hauled about 20 armfuls of wet wood into the house for our stove and barely broke a sweat. Thank you Audrey for the amazing strength training this the past decade!!! I'm still surprised at how strong I am and how much I can do without fear of injury. ~ Bonnie M

Our primary care physician recommended that we see Audrey to help with various health issues. We have enjoyed Audrey's home visits for more than two years and find her reliable, knowledgeable and an all-around great person. She has the ability to change an exercise plan at a moment's notice if needed, and has creative ways of getting around conditions such as arthritis to avoid pain. As a matter of fact, her training is making the arthritis much LESS painful! We think her experience is one of her best assets, as is the fact that she will come to our home, so there is no way we can procrastinate and put off our exercise. ~ Doug & Janet M

'You can do ANYTHING for 30 seconds'
'You've GOT this'
'Get out of your head, don't worry what it looks like and JUST DO IT'
All these words of encouragement make my training sessions with Audrey sound like a carefully scripted TV commercial. But it always WORKS! I was tentative and nervous when I first started training with Audrey. I still remember how unskilled & exhausted I was at first (and it was only a 1/2 hour session). Audrey has a unique ability to make me feel like a seasoned athlete and that is what got me hooked! The convenience of having her come to my house is a huge bonus and because we work in a small-ish space, there is no time wasted in transition from one piece of equipment to another. Audrey watches me very carefully while I'm doing an exercise which I find incredibly reassuring. My fitness level has improved tremendously and it's great fun to be coached by someone who seems to have an unlimited "bag of tricks" in her wheelhouse. It's always good, hard work and never boring. ~ Nancy R